For reliable, durable Mold Accessories, trust Smartflow products from Burger and Brown Engineering.  Made in the USA, Smartflow Products are designed to provide solutions to your cooling needs. See all that Smartflow has to offer!

Water Manifolds

Smartflow Water Manifolds help you increase cooling efficiency and speed cycles by providing ample water supply to your cooling processes.

Aluminum Manifolds: Single or parallel designs and various port configurations provide very compact overall sizes allowing use in restricted areas.

Conventional and Low-Profile Port Stainless Steel Manifolds: Single or parallel manifolds are 100% leak tested in standard or custom configurations.

DUOFLOW Aluminum Manifolds: Compressed port spacing on Duoflow Aluminum Manifolds provides smaller footprint for mold-mounting to support SMED implementation.

High Pressure, High Temperature Stainless Steel Manifolds: High Temperature molding application are supported with 450°F/232°C and 450psi/31bar operating limits.


Ideal for monitoring water flow and, when used in conjunction with a control valve, permits precise regulation of water flow.

Tracer Electronic Flowmeters: flowmeters using electronic components to detect and display flow and temperature.

Mechanical Flowmeters: Vane-operated flowmeters provide basic flow monitoring for processing and troubleshooting.

Low Flow Indicators

Standard temperature low flow indicators employ high visibility rotor to demonstrate flow in extremely low flow applications. A variety of accessories are available.

High Pressure and Temperature Indicators specifically for use with pressurized hot water cooling systems.

Flow Regulators

Smartflow Flow Regulators provide a unique, single-point manual flow control. The Delta-Q is a low-cost precision flow regulator module.

Delta-Q® Flow Regulators: Delta-Q is a low-cost precision flow regulator module that can be used with other Smartflow components. The Delta-Q Regulator allows full adjustability of flow volume from unrestricted flow to complete shut off using the manual flow control knob.

Brass Flow Regulators: Smartflow Brass Flow Regulators provide unique, leak-free, single-point manual flow controls These regulators incorporate the proven IceCube™ flowmeter and integral needle valve in a compact design.

High Pressure, High Temperature Flow Regulators: Smartflow High Pressure and Temperature Stainless Steel Flow Regulators are designed for use in hot water or oil cooling systems up to 400°F (204°C) and 250psi (17.2bar). The Stainless Steel valve seat and high temperature seals provide long, trouble-free service.

Tracer®VMA with AutoReg™: TracerVMA Electronic Flowmeter with AutoReg™ automatically adjusts the connected flow

regulator opening, resulting in a more consistent flow rate and greater control over cooling water conditions without manual adjustments.

...and More from Smartflow

In-Mold Sensors: The Smartflow In-Mold Sensor known as the Thinswitch, can be mounted inside the ejector housing and wired to the machine controls to prevent ejector pin breakage, accidental mold close, and subsequent damage to valuable tooling.

Mold Temperature Regulators: The Mold Temperature Regulator effectively controls mold cooling water temperature between 80°F and 120°F (27°C and 49°C) to maintain a steady mold temperature.

SWAP® Valve: The SWAP Valve is a simple, manually selectable device that supplies cooling water to the mold during processing or air to purge the water from the mold, cooling lines, Supply and Return manifolds prior to tool change

FASTIE®: Quick Ejector Tie-In System:FasTie Quick Ejector Tie-In System quickly "ties-in" the mold ejector plate to the press ejection system in an injection molding press, dramatically reducing mold change time.