TigerFlex Hoses Available for Food Grade, Abrasive Material Handling

Aqua Poly Equipment Co. has a great selection of TigerFlex hoses for sale. We carry multiple series of industrial hoses to suit a variety of applications including:

Food grade material handling

Pharmaceutical product transfer

Plastic processing equipment

Abrasive material handling

Industrial vacuum equipment

TigerFlex Features by Series

All of our TigerFlex hoses are FDA Food Grade hoses and are now Phthalate-Free. You can count on the same high quality hoses, but now without any Phthalates.

Tigerflex 2020 Series Flex Hose for 

Severe with Wire and Low Temp

TigerFlex 2001 Series Flex Hose for 

Severe Duty with Wire

TigerFlex WT Series Flex Hose With No Wire

TigerFlex WE Series Flex Hose with Wire