TigerFlex WE Series Flex Hose with Wire

Safe, Economical Handling of Plastic Powder, Granules and Pellets

Standard duty material handling in the plastics industry is best accomplished with a TigerFlex WE hose. The industry standard in material handling, choosing any other brand is selecting an inferior product with a higher operating cost.

The TigerFlex WE hose features many design standards offering a wide range of benefits.

Clear outer jacket allows operators to keep an eye on product flow. Any problems can be spotted and addressed quickly and easily.

The external PVC helix provides support and excellent flexibility. TigerFlex hoses undergo a variety of laboratory tests to determine their bending strength. At 68°F, it takes just 8.8lbs/F to bend a 5’ length of the 3” inner diameter WE series 180°. Smaller diameter hoses have bend radii as little as 2” without kinking or deforming.

An embedded, multi-strand grounding wire eliminates static electricity build-up. Operators just need to extract the wire from the PVC helix and connect it to a ground. As the plastics materials flow through the hose, static electricity will be able to discharge safely. Not only does this prevent dangerous arc flashing, it also improves product flow.

TigerFlex only uses the best materials for producing their hoses. The TigerFlex hoses available from AquaPoly are made out of Food Grade material, meeting all FDA requirements. They are also Phthalate free.

The TigerFlex WE series is designed to operate in temperatures ranging from -4°F to 150°F (-20°C to 65°C). Depending on the application, the safe range may vary slightly.

AquaPoly has a variety of diameters and lengths of TigerFlex WE hoses available.

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