TigerFlex 2001 Series Flex Hose for Severe Duty with Wire

Flexible Hose Is Perfect for Heavy Duty Abrasive Plastics Processing

Whether you’re in the Injection Molding, Extrusion or Blow Molding sector, plastics material handling hoses don’t get much better than the TigerFlex 2001. Designed to offer superior longevity and a lower operating cost than rubber hoses, the TigerFlex 2001 features a host of benefits.

Thermoplastic hoses, in general, can operate in colder environments than rubber without cracking or breaking. The TigerFlex 2001 is designed to operate in temperatures from -4°F to 150°F (-20°C to 65°C).

The TigerFlex 2001 also features a transparent PVC cover with a rigid helix. This construction means the hose can be bent and flexed repeatedly without fatiguing, like rubber can.

With its transparent design, operators can easily see the powder, granules or pellets flowing through the hose. If there’s a problem, spotting the jam is fast and requires no guesswork.

The inner polyurethane liner is highly abrasion resistant. You will be able to use the TigerFlex 2001 hose far longer than a rubber hose handling the same materials.

Handling large amounts of plastics can result in dangerous static build-up. Too much static electricity can cause problems ranging from low throughput to a potentially catastrophic explosion. The TigerFlex 2001 reduces static electricity with a multi-strand wire embedded inside the helix. When extracted from the helix and grounded, static electricity can discharge safely.

AquaPoly carries a wide range of TigerFlex 2001 hoses. From inner diameters of 1.25” up to 8” and several working pressures, we have a wide selection to choose from.

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