Tigerflex 2020 Series Flex Hose for Severe with Wire and Low Temp

Bulk Plastics Handling Hose Is Flexible, Food Grade and Designed for Severe Abrasion Resistance

The ultimate in plastic pellet, granule and powder handling, the TigerFlex 2020 is great for use in the Injection Molding, Blow Molding and Extrusion sectors of the plastics industry. Designed to handle severely abrasive materials, the TigerFlex 2020 can even be used outdoors.

Compared to other flexible material handling hoses, the TigerFlex 2020 offers several advantages.

Its clear outer jacket allows operators to see the flow of material through the hose. Any problems can be spotted quickly and it is easy to keep an eye on the flow rate.

The rigid PVC helix provides excellent flexibility, even at extremely low temperatures. The hose is designed for use at temperatures ranging from -40°F to 150°F (-40°C to 65°C). It also slides across most surfaces easily.

Double ply polyurethane tube provides exceptionally strong abrasion resistance. Not only will your TigerFlex 2020 be able to handle more abrasive materials, it will last longer than other material handling hoses and lower operating costs compared to similar PVC or rubber hoses.

Yarn jacket reinforces the tube, giving it a higher tensile strength. This added, fabric reinforcement lets the hose be used for both suction and high pressure discharge.

A multi-strand wire is embedded in the helix to provide static dissipation. Just extract the wire from the helix and connect it to a ground. Static electricity will now be discharged to ground instead of building up in the hose. This helps material flow better and prevents possibly fatal explosions from hose arcing.

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